We are fully qualified and experienced RPAS (drone) operator. We hold all necessary CAA Certification and Insurances.

We hold a CAA Operational Authority to operate within the UKPDRA-01 Specific Category along with the A2 Certificate of Competence and a General VLOS Certificate (GCV).  Allowing us to operate in both the new Open and Specific Categories.

Using our sub-250g micro drone we are also able to (subject to risk assessment and air space flight restrictions) fly very close to buildings and members of the public; allowing significantly more scope to fly in built-up areas.

Our pilots are all NQE/RAE assessed, skilled and experienced. Safety is of paramount importance. We operate to strict safety procedures, legal compliance with both aviation law and health and safety, and safety of the public and staff on all of our instructions.

All flights are subject to £1,000,000 third party indemnity insurance, but may be increased where required.


By using an aerial drone operated by a chartered building surveyor, Whitecross can quickly assess a building and combine tailored visual images with professional opinion in order to provide clients with a fully integrated service and comprehensive building report. Reducing access costs with minimal disruption to the building, a drone survey can be used on all types of commercial, residential, leisure and retail buildings and can quickly identify building defects and produce an accurate building report.

Drones can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to assist with defect identification. This can be of particular use on facades, flat roofs and mechanical and electrical plant and solar panels.

Areial Photography

We provide high definition 4K 60P video resolution and 20MP camera pictures. In addition to the use of drones for building surveys, Whitecross can also offer aerial photography and site fly throughs for marketing purposes, as well as aerial timeline photos and videos of site progress.

Measurement, Modeling and Mapping

Using photographic data captured from our drones we can provide accurate metric data to produce an array of data outputs, ranging from full-colour point clouds, orthomosaic images to 3D textured mesh models.

Partnering with local businesses we can use ground control points (GCPs) and GPS receivers to produce accurate models for marketing, measurement and as-build records.

Internal Filming/Photography and First Person View (FPV)

By using our drones internally within premises we are able to provided impressive video fly-through videos and photography of buildings.

First Person View (FPV) drones are specialist drones whereby the pilot operates the drone by means of immersive VR goggles for an “out of the cockpit window) view of the drone. The camera has a fixed gimbal which allows for more roll on cornering which results in impressive first person view fly through video clips of buildings and sites.

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