At Whitecross we believe that we are very good at what we do and pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

All directors are the product of large multi-disciplinary surveying practices, meaning we have all been exposed to and understand the multi-faceted processes of acquisition, disposal, leasing, management and operation of property.

Because of the above we like to think of ourselves as integral to the process and not a necessary hurdle to be overcome.  We understand the wider commercial context.  Due to our size and operation we are able to deal with matters promptly, efficiently and without the encumbrance of extensive corporate process.

We have developed the way we work to suit how we want to work.

We acknowledge that we are often a small part of the process however we think of our knowledge and expertise as integral.

A proactive, cohesive and collaborative team of property professionals is of paramount importance if we are to consistently meet and exceed client expectations; ensuring repeat business from valued clients. This is best achieved by forging and maintaining strong relationships with similar minded and trusted professionals which we actively pursue.

We are clear in our goal to work alongside selected similar minded professionals to place all parties in prime position to provide the very best service and advice to our mutual clients.

You may not be looking for Building Consultancy advice, but if we can help you by proactively recommending others or facilitating further relationships to help you address your strategic goals, then that helps our reputation and stature and helps those we align with.

Key Personnel

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, Director
, Project Manager
, Business Development Director
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