We pride ourselves on having a dynamic and tight-knit team that are passionate about our industry as-well as our clients!

Therefore, we wanted to introduce you to the team behind it all with some interview Q+A's!

First up is Lloyd Anderson!

Lloyd Anderson, Whitecross Building Consultancy.

What do you enjoy about your current role?

Working in a close, busy team which has a variety of work.

What do you enjoy about the industry?

Inspecting a variety of buildings and report writing.

What are your thoughts about how the industry has changed during COVID-19?

With fewer meetings taking place I think COVID-19 has made it clear who our key Clients are as those relationships have stayed true and kept us busy due to the established mutual respect and trust.

How did you enter the industry? What inspired you?

An interest in property, drawing, working outside compounded by a family friend who was a Building Surveyor recommending it as a career.

Do you have a particular passion within your role?

I enjoy Dilapidations instructions.

What is a unique skill that you bring to Whitecross?

I am an experienced user of CAD and can undertake a variety of instructions.

Why do you think it is important that young professionals are supported as they start out in this industry?

To help young Building Surveyors adapt from classroom to practical experience and build knowledge which in turn builds confidence.

Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

I am eager to develop my skill set and progress my career taking on more of a leadership role and responsibilities.  I would hope to become a more senior member of the team and have the opportunity to mentor others sharing my knowledge and expertise.  I feel like I have really benefited from others doing this with myself.  Outside of my work ambitions I would like to be able to travel internationally again and get back to some of my favourite hobbies including rock climbing.