Anyone who starts a new business usually highlights a frustration or a desire as the motivation to take the greatest leap of faith from the security of a salary to the unknown of being your own boss. The frustration of our Director Graeme Scott was wanting to deliver a better and more consistent level of service to clients and the desire for autonomy and to channel his passion in this profession on a fresh path.

With 14 years already under his belt in the Building Consultancy profession, there was a plan and a hope to grow and expand Whitecross over time into a respected consultancy as well as a leader in Scotland for best practise in the industry. Like most start-ups, there wasn't a 10-year business plan, but as we celebrate our first decade in business, we have taken the time to reflect on our journey so far.

We are proud of where we are, we are proud of the team, and we are proud to work with the clients we have across Scotland and further afield to cities such as Bristol, London and Leicester. The desire and passion still stands and is a value we instil across the team.

As we stand at this 10-year landmark, having built numerous strong connections, we realise that the friendships and bonds we have made along the way are something we are most proud of.

At the beginning of any business, any form of connection, referral or instruction is grasped with both hands and nurtured - with ten years now behind us there had been a charming reminder of one of our very first clients who engaged with us on a project within the last few weeks meaning as her career has changed over the years, she has continued to appoint with us across that period. Not only does this highlight the importance of maintaining a connection but demonstrates developing the depth and quality of the relationships with the long game in mind.

You may have spotted our new brand and website? We felt it was the right time to invest in ourselves, we wanted our visual and digital presence to reflect our values in a more substantial way as our brand needed to catch-up with where the business is now, reflect the team and the breadth of work we continue to involve ourselves in. Our growth in the coming years will come in several forms. Naturally, we hope our client base will develop through referrals, awareness and tenders and we are also planning to nurture the next generation of talent in our industry through apprenticeships and kickstart programmes. Ten years in, it's time to give something back.

With a strong presence in Scotland, an experienced and dedicated team and a drive for success, we are able to develop a clear vision for the future. We want to grow our presence and be renowned as the leading firm in Scotland, with a want to spread further into the UK.

Finally, we want to thank all of our wonderful clients, supportive friends and dedicated colleagues for their continued support and guidance over the years, and we are looking forward to the next chapter for Whitecross. We have grown into being a premium building consultancy practice that prides itself on delivering an extensive and innovative range of services and expertise, as well as being a tight-knit and progressive team of individuals.